Is photon rejuvenation effective once? How many times does photon rejuvenation need to be done?

After one-time Photorejuvenation, you can see a certain effect, and the effect is more significant after a full course of treatment. Photon rejuvenation needs to be done 4-6 times, and the specific times are related to personal treatment.

Is photon rejuvenation effective once? How many times does photon rejuvenation need to be done?

What are the effects of photon rejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is actually a cosmetic treatment of the skin with pulsed strong light. Its function is to eliminate / lighten various pigment spots on the skin, enhance skin elasticity, eliminate small wrinkles, improve facial telangiectasia, improve facial pores and rough skin, and also improve yellowing skin color.

Photon freckle removal can simultaneously treat and improve facial defects such as pigment spots, red blood filaments, wine groove nose, bruise scars, as well as aging phenomena such as coarse pores and wrinkles.

Photon rejuvenation technology can treat the surface and deep skin, soften the skin and bring beneficial biological stimulation effect to the deep skin. Smoother new skin appears at the treatment site. This treatment can be used for body parts such as neck, chest and hand at the same time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of photon rejuvenation?

The advantages of photorejuvenation are:

  1. Quick effect, high curative effect, safe treatment and relatively few side effects
  2. no impact on normal work and life
  3. It can solve skin problems such as color spots, large pores, dark complexion, small wrinkles, rough skin, acne and so on, and tighten the skin at the same time

The disadvantages of photorejuvenation are:

  1. The treatment cycle is long, and multiple treatments are needed to achieve the ideal effect.

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